January 18, 2019
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As Salam Arabic Calligraphy On Canvas (ALLAH NAME)


  • AED: AED151 - AED331

As Salam ARABIC CALLIGRAPHY Painting is now available for sale. Its printed on high quality canvas (HD Images are bellow) and best for Wall art at any place. 100% ORIGINAL & 30 days full refund policy. PayPal & Credit Card is accepted.



As Salam Arabic Calligraphy On Canvas (ALLAH NAME):

As Salam Calligraphy in Arabic Language, artwork is now available. The painting is designed by our artists with great colors combination and unique design. The best part is its 100% made by our artists and can be ordered from Best Buy Art only. We offer around 10% off on this product. Hurry up and have it decorated at your sweet home. We have ready 3 previews on this painting in different areas of a house so, you can have an idea how it looks like. The painting is printed on Canvas, which high quality material is used by every art production and online printing service company .

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This is the full preview of this painting as:

As Salam Calligraphy On Canvas (Asma Ul Husna) :

As Salam Calligraphy, As Salam Arabic Calligraphy Asma Ul Husna

It was the original first preview on the main painting/artwork designed for our Arabic Calligraphy art lovers. This is ALLAH’s name beautifully Calligraphed by our Muslim artists, this is made by our Top Muslim artists. So no worries about having this as copy or not original or anything else. The painting is available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose any of them by your fitting.

Here are some most impressive things about this “Allah’s Name As Salam Calligraphy On Canvas”

  • Printed On Canvas
  • Arabic Calligraphy Art.
  • NAME OF ALLAH (As Salam).
  • Fit for Wall Art and others.
  • High quality materiel used.
  • Designed by Muslim Artists.
  • 100% original and unique.
  • 100% money back guarantee

This painting is officially made by our artists working in our company. The idea of this artwork design was 100% original. The painting can only be purchased from this website. Many most wanted shapes and sizes of the painting is available on site. If you need some custom design of this AS SALAM Arabic Calligraphy painting, you can anytime contact us.We can do this for you and also can create custom designs and paintings.

Available sizes and shapes of this Artwork/Painting: (Contact us for custom shapes or sizes)


This is the full preview of this painting as:

As Salam Calligraphy Wall Art :

As Salam Calligraphy Wall Art

AS SALAM Calligraphy Art in ARABIC hanging on wall. As you can see, the painting is shown fit as Wall Art . If you’re searching for ALLAH Name Wall art, here we go with it. This is perfectly shaped and sized for wall art calligraphy. The painting can be used as wall art at any room at any place like offices, home, house, guest house etc. Its looking very beautiful. Have the Name of ALLAH at your home and get the blessings of Allah InshaALLAH.

Another preview on this artwork paining as:

As Salam Arabic Calligraphy Art:

As Salam Arabic Calligraphy Art

Here was the final and third preview of the painting “As Salam Arabic Calligraphy Art“. The painting was designed and organized by our top best Muslim artists at our company. The each and every painting at our store is printed on Canvas materiel. We focus and believe on quality. This painting has covered the beautiful name of ALLAH (GOD) in the Arabic (Muslims, Arab’s religious language). The designing on the painting/artwork is actually called the best calligraphy art of AS SALAM, one of the all beautiful names of ALLAH.

You can also contact us for any change in painting like size, frames, colors or extra changes. Our email is: [email protected]

Additional information


Roll, Stretch


40x40cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm


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